Monday, 22 October 2012

How to Overcome Loneliness and Increase Workplace Harmony and Productivity

It is simple: Think of others. Do for and to others what you want them do for and to you.

We are lonely because all of our thoughts is about ourselves ALONE.

It does not matter whether you are surrounded by a crowd or you are sitting by yourself, if your thoughts are about yourself, you are more likely to feel lonely.

Reach out to somebody, if it is only a smile. It feels good to make others feel good.

A lonely person can never be as productive as a person who is not. Not because one is alone and the other is amidst friends, but because one is selfish in his thoughts and the second is other-centered.

You cannot create values others are willing to pay for except the values are valuable to others. Your products (values) cannot be valuable to others if you have never thought of them.

Overcoming loneliness is not just about us and our mental health alone, but others and our productivity also.
It matters not much how and why you became lonely, especially at your job, what matters is what do you give out – your reactions.

If your workplace is full of snobbery and each one seems to be on their own, for your mental health’s sake, show others you care and you will not feel so lonely again.

Synergy and synchro- are not just words without any relevance in our lives. Without them we cannot talk of harmony. When an organization (the people who made it up actually) is enjoying harmony, it can keep producing and it will be as timely as a time piece.

Actually, organizations whose members are in harmony are more like the wheels in a watch. If they keep being harmonious, they will keep doing whatever they are doing as constantly as a watch keeps the time.
This kind of harmony has its roots in individuals who are others-centered and are not lonely; individuals who are obedient to the golden rule.

Summarily again, you overcome loneliness by being in harmony with others; you can be in harmony with others only by taking proper thought of them, and it is by being others-centered values are created and value creation means increase productivity.