Friday, 1 June 2012

Know Why You Should Never Gamble: The Winner's Curse

Everyone wants to hit the jackpot, be a millionaire or be the lottery winner. After being one, what else?
The excitement of a windfall might lead to embarrassment and a downfall. Shattered dreams and a lot of hisses. Plus at least a curse.
Maybe it is not always so. What if it is, what if every win is an opening, ill opening and curse begins?
Let us say you are not scared of the winner's curse, and you are always excited about the winner's luck. Everybody, at least every participant in a lottery is excited when the lucky number is to be called.
Curse #1: Every player in a game of chance are eternal prisoners. Prisoners of hope. They always "hope it will be me".
Curse #2: These participants live a life of almost. A non-achieving lifestyle. "The lucky number is almost similar to mine, differing only in the last digits"
Curse #3: Do you believe in luck? If yes, I 'bet' you, you are more than averagely greedy, and chronically (won't 'pathologically' be too hard?) lazy. Pardon me, luck in itself is a subtle curse. It is often followed by a supposed ill-luck.
You can determine the degree of greed in you by how much you believe in luck, and this by how much eagerness you show in wanting to participate in a 'game'.
What if I have a beginner's 'luck' What if that luck is but a bait in a booby? What if you become a perpetual prisoner of hope, a chance-addict, and can't get yourself unhooked? (As is often the case) A curse.
"O what a feeling", to find out the hundreds of thousands and the millions are eventually too small to meet your needs. What of when the reality faces you or otherwise you come to face the reality that you can't really have enough, and you can't have enough luck to get you enough winnings to be satisfied. Oops, you would have been stuck. A Curse.
Would you have preferred, a life by rote? As for me, my choice is a life of a determined end. A future that's an outcome of set principles.
This expected end is not only assured because of set and unmoving principles, but because it is a divine plan, a script to be acted out. The thought of God himself. He said "For I know the plans I have for you , declares the Lord, plans for wholeness (wealth) and not for evil (luck and poverty), to give you a future and a hope". Jeremiah. 29:11 (emphasis mine).
Maybe you are unaware, God deals no luck. Wealthy people don't deal luck too, rich people might, but poor people do. Another reason why poor people are always poor.
Wealthy people take calculated risks, not gambling. They sometimes lose, but know and call the few losses learning.
Curse #4: A gambler pay too much for nothing. What is there to learn, when you did not pick the lucky number? Change the number the next time?
The wealthy, when they make profits and gains, they know how they come.
Because people do gamble, they provide another reason and explanations for being poor.
Curse #5: Gamblers are always poor. They give away what they do not really have for what they will not really get. A case of purchasing scarce commodity with scarce means.
It is possible to be poor, I mean not having the means of getting what you need always and still be wealthy. Similarly, it is possible to be rich, I mean you have the means of usually getting what you want and still be poor.
Poverty or wealth is more an internal thing. The values and principles in a mind will most accurately distinguish the two.
The issue with gamblers is that it has little to do with winning or losing:
Curse #6: Both the winners and the losers eventually lose somewhere. For example:
  • Mentally, they both come to live carelessly
  • Financially, they lose more than they claim to gain. Most importantly their entrepreneurial capacities and abilities are drastically reduced. On this note we are going to understand the general effect the winner's luck has on us all.
Curse #7: The cut in a gambler's wealth creativity cuts down the national GDP ultimately, and our per capital income generally. i.e low standard of living. This, most likely is due to the fact that gambling is an unrighteous way to go for every economy.
Curse #8: "Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people". Proverbs 13:34.
To put this in perspective; righteous wealth creation increase standard of living, but lottery, jackpot and gambling are the 'curse' of poverty on any people.
this curse is quite important. It is not an inferred curse, but a curse from the Creator Himself, as supplied by the owner's manual.
I will assume that you know that the aforementioned curses are not only yours as a winner, but is a kind of cancer that degenerate fast enough to attempt destruction, not only of the gambler, but also of the community as well. This degenerative disorder had escalated in the past few years, and is still escalating, set at reaching its goal.
The goal; the soul of everything. The soul of every 'chance player', the soul of every business, and the heart of every economy.
A curse. A self induced curse. A curse monitored not by a diabolic force nor by the Omnipotent, but guided by the greed of the human soul. Mark this, the guidance is very accurate, it is of the order of a guided missile... the target, sadly, is unguarded.
If the winner's luck is to be a curse, what will the loser's ill-luck be? Ill-luck is enough a curse already, but the curse will give him a baseless hope that it will soon be his lucky day, cursed day you may say. He will continue playing, and that devil who will take his money and his future will be giving him encouragement, baits will be the proper word, until he get hooked. Once this is done, *Click* The curse is on.
He will never be wealthy. He might 'luckily' get rich, but wealth do not come by luck. If you have found a gambler that looked wealthy, I know for sure, 100% sure, he is not blessed. Go confirm it. He is cursed.