Monday, 22 October 2012

Keynote Adress To Class '11

What a wonderful day this is brothers and sisters. What made today a wonderful day is what made us here kindred.

Without an important thing, being in this environment because Biomedical class ’11 is around will only be an empty ceremony.

What is this one thing?
This one thing is only a little nicely designed piece of paper, of course with an authority as a legal document. We call ‘this thing’ license, for some it is a certificate. What I see is a receipt for our payments.

What you see is what you get?

Well, to the best of my knowledge, we all have paid very serious and variously different prices but for the same thing; and I can assure you that what we can get out of ‘this thing’ is what we ought to have obtained while paying the price.

What made today wonderful is not the event; I hope you have realized this as a fact.

What is topmost among the wonders today is that several people who has gotten no reason to come together have not only come together, but have been together through thick and thin, and stress and strain of student life and more so in a bid to get a ‘little nicely designed paper’.

Another wonder, which amazingly is more wonderful than ‘dotplots’, is to see people whose life was shaken, challenged, threatened, beaten and almost but not destroyed; leave this hall of ceremony with nothing more than a piece of paper in their hindsight.

A third wonder is the knowledge that (an assumption really) some are leaving with their lives getting a new description. Getting a new description is not the problem, but their entire life after now is going to be solely defined by ‘this thing’ and nothing else. These are those who paid more for less. If any in this hall is ever like this, they are exactly as wonderful as ‘dotplots’.

The last wonder I will talk about is more like the proverbial grand masquerade that has the final show. These are they that much was required from, but little was given. They discovered early enough that what is at the end of the process is far less than the process. They have found out that ‘this thing’ they are paying for is far cheaper than the cost of the process.

These people, these scientists, like a wise business man found out, going under processing, the parabolic pearl of great value, they put to foreclosure their great estates around ‘Estate’ so that they can gain not just ‘this thing’ but so much more.
These people that I have been giving loudest ovation in the past minute are those leaving this place with their exaggerated-as-important papers in their hands and their shoulders squared to meet life boldly; and who through the process have in their arsenal a powerful gaze of vision. A gaze that is as deathly to challenges as the mythological Medusa’s and as penetrating and discerning as a laser. To you I say ‘may we still be friends forever’ and I wish you success, ‘in (your) pursuits of (eternal) happiness’.