Thursday, 17 May 2012

Common Sense and Time Management

Let's get this straight: You are Not a Time Manager! Are you?
NO. You are not.

Alright. Let me tell you the future of time management:
Soonest there will appear time managers, and these shall be their characteristics and features:
  1. Time managers will be programs or robots
  2. The simplest of time managers will be the time-piece around your wrist.
  3. They do not do more than tell you what you told them to tell you to do.
  4. They will be affordable but expensive
  5. They will create wealth for some and frustrations for many.
Now enough of prophesying. Let us say that this is to make you see the inappropriateness of the term "Time Management".

Time management in the face of common sense is as simple as  Time management for dummies.

If you will take a simple advice: forget about time management.
Stop trying to manage time, manage yourself.

Wealth creation is not about managing time, since I suppose everyone is freaking themselves out about time management so as to create more wealth. Wealth creation in the light of time management is more about:
  1. Value creation
  2. Order
  3. Integrity
  4. Consistence
  5. Evaluation and Re-evaluation
Again, why the hassle about time management when no matter what you do, you will never get a second more over the 24hours you've got. But you can always put in more each day.

Like I have to learn, learn also, to live a day at a time. Whatever that means to you.

To me common sense "time management" involves
  • Knowing one's limit
  • Feeling free to push one's limit while making sure the medics are nearby. *winks*
  • In short, outsourcing 
  • Collaborating. Remember: Together Everyone Achieves More