Friday, 18 May 2012

Living with Death and Dying with Life

 A.   Living with Death

I hope the title of this article will not get you afraid, nonetheless it is part of our daily realities that people are living yet with a certain death probably hidden in their body.

If the death you are harboring  will not bring you to an early grave you have to learn and watch the following:
  1. Habits: Watch your habits. If you are loose and careless with your life, you are living with a certain death. Our habits when allowed to run wild, will be more dangerous than meeting a mountain lion unprepared. Stop smoking. Stop coking. Left alone those drugs don't abuse anyone. If you abuse them they strike like vipers. Watch it man!
  2. Health: Health is wealth they say, but most of us, I'm not sparing myself, are careless with the way we live. For instance, I don't rest. You think you are not like that? The easiest way to find out is: do you keep doing whatever you are doing even when you are tired, do you take a break because you planned it or because you can work or play no further? 
Take the time off. You have worked so hard. Don't be so mean on yourself. For the first time in a long time, use the summer holiday. Pack up and go camping, or is it going to climbing mountains or treks by the beach? Whatever it's going to be, watch your best wealth.

      3. Diet: If health is wealth, good diet is its source. Watch what you eat. If your pet wont just ingest        anything, why should you, shouldn't you learn from yourself too? You feed your pet with the best and you are feeding yourself junks. 

Don't give me that. You do not need to be the richest man on earth to feed properly and that you have everything else doesn't mean you have the best diet.

Reduce your weight if you must, burn the fats too, but first watch what you eat and change what needed to be changed and you will be the best for it.

       4. Ergonomics: Whenever you can, choose your workplace and make it fit for your own use. Choose your seat make it comfortable for your back, and your desk, it's height relative to yours and the seat's. The lighting and the freshness of the air. All these are not to be overlooked and the least of such details. It appears that in the modern day business, diet and Ergonomics = health.

Lastly, Never go to the hospital too late. Whatever that means.

B.   Dying with Life 

Welcome back from the intermission. Now this part is a very different thing, I have to say it so that you do not think 'dying with life' is the opposite of  'living with death'.

This part is more like what you must have been used to, at least on this page; motivation.

If you would not die with life, put these on your watch list:
  1. Courage: If you must live the life you desire, it can  never be without courage. When it is missing, a life of significance may not be lived. How does that translate to 'dying with life'? It does. Permit me to cite a popular example: Imagine Bill Gates without the courage to pull out of Harvard to start his own business? No matter how good he becomes without Microsoft, that part of him, Microsoft will still be with him at his death. That, my friend is dying with life.
  2. Confidence: Like courage, it is a need that you must have. Having courage and confidence on your watch-list is not in the negative, but rather a necessity that you must have. Robert Greene, in 48 Laws of Power said : "Timidity is dangerous... Any mistakes you commit through audacity are easily corrected with more audacity."
  3. Fear: This is actually the culprit we have been stalking all along. Here, I will like to illustrate with a movie and not by just words. Have you ever seen the movie 3 idiots? This is what Rancho have to say about fear, I am going to give you 2 out of deep wisdom from that movie, while I leave you to getting the rest and practice them:
"With such fear of tomorrow, how'll you live today"
"Drop your fear for once, or someday on your deathbed, you'll regret it" -- Ranchoddas, in the movie 3 idiots. 

You may be challenged, love it, take it and challenge your challenges. If you do, you will never die without living your life.