Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Respect they say is reciprocal, but respect is better and deeper than being reciprocal, it is the acknowledgement of the humanity in others.

It is the same respect that often differentiate a gentleman from a rascal.

Respect is seen in attack of issues rather than attack of

Respect is the acceptance of the perfect work of the almighty in others, both human and non human, living and non living.

Respect for life is seen in healthy lifestyle and habits.

Respect for others and their beliefs is tolerance.

Respect for the environment is seen in cleanliness.

Respect for good things and habits is seen in imitation.

Respect for authority is in compliance with regulations and commands.

A singer asked "Who runs the world?" Today I am asking,
"What runs the world and what is ruining it?"
Respect runs the world while disrespect, disrespect for people, for nature and for self is what
is ruining the world.

If we will embrace mutual respect, self respect, and respect for every work of creation, there is hope for this nation and hope of a beautiful and a peaceful world.