Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Respect they say is reciprocal, but respect is better and deeper than being reciprocal, it is the acknowledgement of the humanity in others.

It is the same respect that often differentiate a gentleman from a rascal.

Respect is seen in attack of issues rather than attack of

Respect is the acceptance of the perfect work of the almighty in others, both human and non human, living and non living.

Respect for life is seen in healthy lifestyle and habits.

Respect for others and their beliefs is tolerance.

Respect for the environment is seen in cleanliness.

Respect for good things and habits is seen in imitation.

Respect for authority is in compliance with regulations and commands.

A singer asked "Who runs the world?" Today I am asking,
"What runs the world and what is ruining it?"
Respect runs the world while disrespect, disrespect for people, for nature and for self is what
is ruining the world.

If we will embrace mutual respect, self respect, and respect for every work of creation, there is hope for this nation and hope of a beautiful and a peaceful world.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Beware of First Impressions

Beware of First Impressions

Things are not as bad as they first appear to be.
Men are not as bad as they think they are and are not as good as they think they are.
There is always a factor that was never considered in the first assessment.

Although first impression lasts, it most likely is the wrong one.
I may not be able to describe as much as I feel about any situation, but my attempt at description may mean another fact and not the feeling, hence, I believe in the duality that exists in men.
There is always a “flesh lusting against the spirit” and always a good fighting the evil. There is always the light appearing in darkness to work against it, and as the night always running to get the day and always could not, there is always a good vying for the space of the bad in every man.
Everyone is at every moment the expression of who (or what) is having the current mastery of them; either good or bad.

That they are currently bad does not rule out the fact they have an intrinsic value of goodness in them.
That they are at present good-natured should not bring shock when they behave otherwise. Always try to remember that “Things are not as bad as they first appear to be”.
This is not a treatise on how men are weak and fallible. It is an attempt at making us see that we are the recipient of all our actions, good or bad; and that we may have the correct and a healthy disposition towards all men. It is not a call to witch-hunt or to look for the bad in men but to look at them as a mirror of who we are inside.
To always look for the bad in men is to have a bad eyes, and since the eyes are the windows to the soul, having a bad eyes is a major determinant of having an evil soul.

Things are not as bad as they first appear to be.
The healthy approach to life is to live with the knowledge that we are constantly evolving and converting the dynamic power in such knowledge to wisdom of application. The application: taking control of that becoming, because that is what evolution is; becoming better or worse. Wisdom is therefore controlling the becoming in such a way that we are becoming better and not worse.

As I mentioned earlier, the first impression may be the wrong one.
While you are making sure of a good and correct first impressions, make allowance for people who probably are trying harder than yourself in making their own good first impressions but are unable to pull it off successfully. Such allowances become the good souls.
Beware of first impressions!
You may be well impressed at first by a person or thing, but whether that first impression suggests good or bad beware, it may be the wrong impression.
That it feels good does not mean it is right. Of course you know that it feels good does not also mean it is wrong, it is just that you have to be careful of the first impressions.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Get a Life, Then Money. Not Vice Versa

"Anyone who doesn't care about money is a mad man. In fact, a mad man will also cling with his cash". That was the argument of a customer at an ATM.

Why the statement, and is he right? I do not know what you will say but this is a paraphrase of what I said, and the reason for the response: "Money is not the most important thing in life, and why should we because of money neglect self- and mutual-respect? Why should we put our hope in money that takes up wing and fly away?"

Money really restricts value. Let me limit that statement to human value. Money restricts human value.

Who knows the price of a man? Money may qualify a man, but it cannot represent his true value. Neither its presence nor absence can.

Someone said "Learning first, earning later.", I cannot agree more. I will not be surprised if on further discussion that the customer earlier paraphrased will prove to be desperate and will rather have the money and leave out the lessons.

It is saddening how people place more value on things rather than on people who control things. People want money and may sacrifice relationship and trust to get it, never thinking that the money will not just flow by itself it will flow through the hands of men. Yes, they do not care, they will only get the money and proverbially "bite the hand that feeds them".

Nobody can get a lasting wealth like that.

Subterfuge may serve you well in politics for selfish ends, but no one is yet to thrive by it.

You may think life is unimportant without money, but if you neglect life and pursue money, you will discover that money is nothing without a life; and should you have money without life, you will find out that the porosity of your living will be magnified until you find death more appealing than life.

Money is not everything; life is all.

Mother Theresa found that a pursuit of life is worth her all and the satisfaction she found could never have been rivaled by the pleasure if she were to be the richest.

If the statement of our customer is to be taken seriously, and if it is true that "anyone who doesn't care about money is a mad man." then, there are probably no mad man; because we all care about money.

It is not about caring about money, but it is about misplaced priority. If you would rather have a quick money than influence your world positively, even at the prospect of making money doing so, you need to get a life.

I can tell you assuredly, if you don't have a purpose for living or why your company exists other than for your selfish ends, and you have that money, the world will be the worse for it.

There is a lesson to be learnt all the way from zero to being a hero, from empty pocket to a fat account and for every intermittent losses and being broke; but a person with a mindset like our customer's will neglect them.

If you neglect and pass over the hard lessons money teach, after your money is gone, or when you are done with what the money can get you, you are coming back to class!

If you get a life now, and money comes, you both will be friends; otherwise, it will find its way out, that is if it does not enslave you.

Care about money: how you get it and how you use it. Care about your life too: what makes it thrive and what stifles it.

Money can make your life thrive or stifle it. But if you do not have a life, you have no business seeking money.

Get a life. Find the kingdom. Live the life, then 'invest' the money on life.

Friday, 26 April 2013

How Do you Feel When Things Don't Go Your Way?

I hope this draft,for that is what it is, helps you to think and meditate about certain things. 
I would not have written this way, but I think I did because it is about time to rest. (not until you share in some of the thoughts running amok in my head)

Why is common sense not common? Why is wisdom found in the least expected places - a good news in itself; but why is foolishness also found in the least expected places?

There are many 'whys' but few outlets for their solution.

How do you feel when things don't go your way? 

Have you been in a position that when you are almost feeling you are the best at what you do or you are smart, you suddenly discover that you look more like you are the fool?

How do you feel?

Most times when we ask questions like this, we are not expecting the answer to it, we are actually expecting an answer for "How should we feel?".

So, how should one feel when things don't go their way?

And I ask, how do you normally feel? I know somehow your mind reacted to this new question and asked you "how should you feel normally?".

I am not writing to give you the answer this time around  I am only asking a question hoping you will give me your answer. Although this time, it seems, there will not be a wrong or right answer.

Now I will give you my own answer: "Feel like it is The Way it Should Be". 

Now back to where we started: How should it be, how should things be?

I hope you share your thoughts with me too. Do have a good night rest. And amazingly, I need to pray that some have a great day! 

What a realization when we are talking of  'how should things be?'. 

This implies that what you think should be may not be seen as should be by others and how you feel may not be how you should feel. Reality therefore is not only about how we feel and sometimes not even about how we should feel. 
This means that reality is about what is. 

Now, What IS?

Friday, 12 April 2013

How To Be A Talent At Anything

      With appropriate desire, and motivation, you can make 'nonsense' of talent. 


Let me explain myself!

It is now a scientific fact that you can become 'talented' anything.

Maybe I should start this with a summary of a report that I read. The report stated that to succeed at internet business, (and I suppose it goes for most human endeavor) you need three things:

1. Knowledge

2. Tools, and

3. Desire and motivation to apply 1 and 2.

If by now you don't have the idea of what this writing is about, I think I should give it to you in clear terms; it is to give to you the baseline of motivation you need to motivate yourself to do what you have to do.

It is my expectation that you now know that you are the main motivation you can have. Without your permission nobody can motivate you. I will like to also believe that you know that, where there is will, there is a way.

Should it be that you don’t have the knowledge of what you want done, or that you don’t have the tools or capital to achieve your dream or goals, the solution is still there. Where? Yes, right inside of you. 

Maybe you don’t believe, or you have not heard this philosophy that, "every problem has with it the clue to its solution'. Well, in your case, you have the problem, the problem of achieving your dream, and attaining your goals. The moral of that philosophy is "you have the solution". You have the solution to the knowledge issue, you have the tools issue. You just have to think more, believe more and look more.

If I had not forgotten, we were talking on how to be talented 'anything'. Maybe you are looking for something complex or farfetched; I hope it will not shock you that it is nothing but perfect and repeated practice and, of course, with a lot of attitude. Don’t get me wrong about the attitude, it is simply put: motivation.                                                         


 Now about the scientific fact: K. Anders Ericsson, a professor of psychology at Florida State University, who has studied the subject of "expert performance" for almost all of his professional life, conducted an experiment 30 years ago. His experiment involves the training of people to hear and repeat series of numbers over varied lengths of time. 

The results of the experiment are, summarily, that performance increase with increase in hours of practice. With these results and those from later experiment, Ericsson concluded that whatever innate ability a person might have for remembering, it is nothing compared to how much he can learn by practice.

An acquaintance of mine, in his remarks about the results from Dr. Ericsson's experiments, wrote this bottom line "Talent is highly overrated".

Ericsson's research and findings has been put together in an over 900-page book, titled: The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance, it is available for sale at amazon.com. (That's its link in the picture up there or click This)

The crux of this article is that if you give anything the right attention and time, you will soon be "as good as" (actually, there is no basis for comparison) any talented 'that thing' you do.

The paragraph you just read was meant to be the conclusion, but I received a message, from a pastor, that changed that. I think I should share it with you:

"We dream, think, plan, hope and even pray;  But without the gift of persistence,Our lives will be nothing more than empty wishes."

This kind of summarizes the article, right?