Friday, 26 April 2013

How Do you Feel When Things Don't Go Your Way?

I hope this draft,for that is what it is, helps you to think and meditate about certain things. 
I would not have written this way, but I think I did because it is about time to rest. (not until you share in some of the thoughts running amok in my head)

Why is common sense not common? Why is wisdom found in the least expected places - a good news in itself; but why is foolishness also found in the least expected places?

There are many 'whys' but few outlets for their solution.

How do you feel when things don't go your way? 

Have you been in a position that when you are almost feeling you are the best at what you do or you are smart, you suddenly discover that you look more like you are the fool?

How do you feel?

Most times when we ask questions like this, we are not expecting the answer to it, we are actually expecting an answer for "How should we feel?".

So, how should one feel when things don't go their way?

And I ask, how do you normally feel? I know somehow your mind reacted to this new question and asked you "how should you feel normally?".

I am not writing to give you the answer this time around  I am only asking a question hoping you will give me your answer. Although this time, it seems, there will not be a wrong or right answer.

Now I will give you my own answer: "Feel like it is The Way it Should Be". 

Now back to where we started: How should it be, how should things be?

I hope you share your thoughts with me too. Do have a good night rest. And amazingly, I need to pray that some have a great day! 

What a realization when we are talking of  'how should things be?'. 

This implies that what you think should be may not be seen as should be by others and how you feel may not be how you should feel. Reality therefore is not only about how we feel and sometimes not even about how we should feel. 
This means that reality is about what is. 

Now, What IS?