Monday, 17 September 2012

The Message for a down and out

Oh no! You are not down and out; you are just down on your luck.
If you are not a believer in luck, it is still alright, (I am no big fan myself) but you should know that just as the winter gives way for the spring, this down time will roll away for an ‘up-time’.
If this will be of any consolation, just as there will always be people who share the same like or interest like you, there are people every time going through a similar situation as yours.
Similarly it should benefit you to know that not everybody is interested in hearing about your challenges, they have theirs to deal with. Somewhere out there someone is interested in you, not necessarily in your trouble, and that the helping hand you seek is there at the end of your own wrist.
Add this insight from the world of boxing: There is never a title champion that has never been knocked down. As a matter of fact, they often were down and out. Of course most really have the defeats courtesy of certain extraneous factors, but the true and relevant champions never stopped standing up and coming back.
If you want to succeed again, never be afraid of failing again. Try again and let the past failure prove its worth by not leaving anything to chance.
Brag if you must, flex a little bit if you must, learn the attitude of those you think are on the better side of whatever you are going through or even act the positive role of the drama.
Think it. Talk it. Try it. Be it.
Do that on whatever you are passing through. Since I assume you are going through what  you do not enjoy, think what you would have enjoyed, talk what you would have enjoyed, try what you would have enjoyed and you will be who you would have enjoyed.
Stop moaning and wailing on the mistake that has cost you so much. That will do you no good.
Start musing on and planning your come back. Think it through. Talk it through. Try it until you get it and have a nice time enjoying being it.