Monday, 24 September 2012

The Art and Act of Being

You can act contrary to your being and all your life will be struggle.
You are made a human being and the best side of your existence is the art and act of becoming – Being.
If you are not becoming then you do not exist.
A tricky fact of life is that you are always becoming. The sad note is that most individuals are not proactive about their becoming. As such, they cannot monitor their becoming.
You should also know that there is no middle course or an in-between; you either use it or lose it. Your life, the essence of your existence, is not for keep.
Will you rather take your life in your hands and choose the course and direction your life will follow? You have to do that or become lost at sea.
The danger of not knowing where you are going is not ‘getting nowhere’ but getting anywhere.
If you are getting nowhere, you are somewhere and you know where it is you are. If you arrive just anywhere, you are more likely to not know where and more probability of getting where you are unprepared for.
Did someone say “let me be?” yeah, my focus exactly. God want you to be (now, you should know I believe in God and that he made everything, including you.) and I am emphasizing it that you should be.
Be! What? You tell me. Short answer to a short question: “Be everything you can be”
You need a place to start being everything you can be? Start at what and who you presently are; student, a mother, husband, physician, teacher? Anything you are now is a good place to begin being more.