Monday, 25 March 2013

The Responsibility of a Job and Joblessness

Photocredit: Guardian
Well, what I am telling you is as simple as what you read in the title.

We must all learn to be responsible with every circumstance we may have to go through in life. This is necessary because we are going to be made accountable for what we do and more importantly what we do not do.
You see, it is for our good to believe in a higher authority and that especially God. It is hard to lead a responsible life without faith in a higher authority especially when we are temporarily without a boss.
Joblessness is never an excuse for irresponsibility. In fact it is best if temporary joblessness is taken as an exam that qualifies for the next job. If you are not responsible in joblessness we can as well believe you will not be responsible with a job.
While joblessness has its responsibilities, it appears that most people find a job’s responsibilities easier to cope with than the responsibilities of joblessness.
What then are the responsibilities of joblessness? To tell it in another way; what are the ‘job descriptions’ of a jobless man – a man whose job is ‘No Job’?

1.    Work Smart and Work Hard.

Your work is something you can do and will want to do anytime; while your job doesn’t have to be different from your work, your job is what you do that pays the bill.

Having to suffer a temporary joblessness may be advantageous, when it gives room for you to do your work.
Now that you have time to do your work, it’s time to do it smart.

Who said you cannot earn a living from your work better than you can earn from a job? There is just a little thinking, a little information that will break your work through to a well-paying job.

2.    Seek Jobs

There is a word of caution I am putting in here which when it came to my heart sounded funny and I have every reason to believe it is God who was humoring me up. The statement is “Do not make job seeking your full-time job except you own jobberman”. Jobberman is a job searching website most popular in Nigeria and there are many of such big websites all over the world.

Of all the job descriptions of a jobless man, this is what most people do best. Not that is should not be done at all, but it should not be allowed to take the best of one’s time.

3.    Self-Development and Honing or Sharpening

It is a stated fact that about 47% of graduates never read another book after graduation. But if you are privileged to be jobless, you cannot afford to be stagnant and stink.

You probably have heard of the 10,000 hour rule that was said to disprove genius. If you have not, it is the idea backed up by a lengthy research, propagated and made popular by Dr. Erickson.  The general idea is that if you spend 10,000 hours on anything you would have become an authority to be reckoned with in that field, even if you have never thought of yourself as a serious individual (I assume it also covers you if you think you are dumb)

So you see your period of joblessness is the time you have to better yourself, learn more and read more; at least you have more time to yourself now *Wink*

4.    Not Satisfied with Idleness

There must be a constant desire to put your time to a productive use. No matter how comfortable your environment is when you are jobless (even when you have a job) never be satisfied with idleness.

In conclusion, do not be deceived into irresponsibility just because your job delays in coming. Patiently wait and get yourself ready for your next position.

The sobering thought is that you will be held responsible not only for the job you have but also for the ‘no job’ you have. Get responsible and remain responsible.

You are also free to share your ideas with me on how best to pass the 'jobless time' in the comment box below. It will be highly welcomed since I am also 'jobless' for now. :)