Monday, 3 September 2012

You Can Enjoy any Job

You Can Enjoy any Job
Who told you “you are not suitable for a job or for the type of profession you are into”? Who said you are less likely to be your best at what you do? Oh! You just think so? And you feel it is so obvious you are a misfit on this particular job. Most likely nobody in particular said so.
Forget it. Those are scraps and lies suggested to us by the environment. They have become the ideologies and a lens through which we view life, and since it has been part of our society for so long and has become one of the societal methods such that ‘survival of the fittest’ is the mantra of placement, it has become the ‘truth’.
Forget it. Scrap it. Reject it. Burn it. Fight it. Do everything about it but accept it.
You can be everything you want to be and act to be.
Repent of these traditional thoughts. That is, change your mind about it.
Human ‘beings’ are made to be and are always becoming. If you allow yourself to be forced into this mold, you become what the society wants you to become, which is not altogether bad, instead of all you can become.
“The enemy of right is not wrong. The enemy of right is good” – Myles Munroe.
The society wants you to be good and being good is ‘good enough’, but is that your best? I don’t think so.
You can live and enjoy any discipline, work or profession; the society is kind enough to offer you routes of escapes when you have shortcomings and feel incompetent at what you do.
The society talks of your genetic suitability, talks of your intelligent quotient (IQ) and even an emotional frame, until you believe you are rather suitable for another job or profession other than the position you now hold.
If not for the limitation of a short life, we could have been able to be the best we can be in every endeavor we venture into. Even at that, finding ourselves in a profession we seems not to enjoy, it is our belief in the lies that made us quick to accept we are not just good enough or not designed for such jobs. But I tell you that you can stay on that job and choose to like it and act at honing your skills and gather competence on the job if you will change your old thoughts and accept that you can do all things.
Again, just think it. Talk it. Try it (act it even) and you will be it.
Have a great time enjoying BEING.