Monday, 10 September 2012

Life is a Bed of Roses

Who said life is not a bed of roses? They were right. But in the light of a new reality, they can be very wrong.
We all strife to base our decision on well informed premises, and for these reasons, we should put life in perspective, and enjoy life while it lasts.
Life is actually more like bed of roses than you think, and the more you see the sweet-bitter reality of life and decide to focus more on the sweet side, you will live life at its best.
Is it not the beautiful blossom of roses that we use to symbolize love and relevance? And how appropriate for nature to have embedded in the same flower beauty, aroma and last but significant – thorns.
Life is really full of ups and downs. And life will be boring without them.
We should therefore have the image well-formed and stored up in our mind that while we may enjoy the fragrance in rolling over the bed of roses and the glamour of being bathed in the colour, we must also be willing to endure the pricks of its thorns.
Should we then because of the thorns refuse the rose? No. We should rather as before ground our focus on the better side of the blossom but denying the truth that it has its pains will be unhealthy.
In essence, we should take life as it is. But we should focus more on the better part. If there is no bad, good will be nothing. That said; the bad should not define our outlook on life although it gives the good its significance.
There is much good in seeing more of the good in life than the evil, though much.
If you decide to be in the business of a cynic and a pessimist, you are in a wrong profession and you are more likely than any other individual to be overwhelmed by both the complexity and the evil in the world. Choose wisely; choose to live life from its better side.