Thursday, 28 March 2013

You are Sovereign Human

Who is sovereign, Bolt or the Ferraris?
 When God was creating everything, he was unconnected with them. He spoke and they were. Except for man, He made him, he felt him, and He sweated him out as it were. No wonder, a thunder may tear down a tree and God is hardly moved. A man may decide to kill a thousand cattle and God rather than be touched by such a large ‘massacre’, only favored the man who made the sacrifice.

I, even I, do not like seeing the trees I grew up knowing fell for any reason, but God is concerned for my hair and their numbers, but the trees, I may be concerned (and should be), it is less the concern of God (compared to man).

You may be bold as lion, but you are not a lion; you are a man.

You may be as cunny as a tortoise, but you are not one; you are a man.

There are many animals you can be like, but you are none of them. You are a man.
But wait! You are not only a man.

Everything – every animal; crawling, running or flying and every inanimate object are made for showing the glory of God. But man, God made him the crown of His glory – the physical expression of His person, the real reflection of His sovereignty.

You are a man, but you are more than that. Stop giving the classical excuse “I’m only human”. No! You are a sovereign human. God made you so – in His sovereign likeness.

You are that important. You must therefore step up and believe in who God has made you. You might be ‘unpalatable’ like some seeds and from a rough and irritable background comparable with the oysters.
The unpalatable seed when sown gives lot of edible fruits and more seeds. The oysters after irritation bring forth the beautiful pearls. And you are better.

Let us all stop limiting ourselves by our limiting backgrounds.

You may be a man in a poor state or with a disease or a weakness or disability. But you are not just a man in such conditions; you are a sovereign human with the ability to bring something more beautiful than a pearl from the irritable situation you now find yourself.

I am not just a man. I am a sovereign man. God made me so. I can decide my fate by what I do or choose not to do. I am that sovereign. God made me so and I am...

but an accountable sovereign.
What do you think?