Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Beware of First Impressions

Beware of First Impressions

Things are not as bad as they first appear to be.
Men are not as bad as they think they are and are not as good as they think they are.
There is always a factor that was never considered in the first assessment.

Although first impression lasts, it most likely is the wrong one.
I may not be able to describe as much as I feel about any situation, but my attempt at description may mean another fact and not the feeling, hence, I believe in the duality that exists in men.
There is always a “flesh lusting against the spirit” and always a good fighting the evil. There is always the light appearing in darkness to work against it, and as the night always running to get the day and always could not, there is always a good vying for the space of the bad in every man.
Everyone is at every moment the expression of who (or what) is having the current mastery of them; either good or bad.

That they are currently bad does not rule out the fact they have an intrinsic value of goodness in them.
That they are at present good-natured should not bring shock when they behave otherwise. Always try to remember that “Things are not as bad as they first appear to be”.
This is not a treatise on how men are weak and fallible. It is an attempt at making us see that we are the recipient of all our actions, good or bad; and that we may have the correct and a healthy disposition towards all men. It is not a call to witch-hunt or to look for the bad in men but to look at them as a mirror of who we are inside.
To always look for the bad in men is to have a bad eyes, and since the eyes are the windows to the soul, having a bad eyes is a major determinant of having an evil soul.

Things are not as bad as they first appear to be.
The healthy approach to life is to live with the knowledge that we are constantly evolving and converting the dynamic power in such knowledge to wisdom of application. The application: taking control of that becoming, because that is what evolution is; becoming better or worse. Wisdom is therefore controlling the becoming in such a way that we are becoming better and not worse.

As I mentioned earlier, the first impression may be the wrong one.
While you are making sure of a good and correct first impressions, make allowance for people who probably are trying harder than yourself in making their own good first impressions but are unable to pull it off successfully. Such allowances become the good souls.
Beware of first impressions!
You may be well impressed at first by a person or thing, but whether that first impression suggests good or bad beware, it may be the wrong impression.
That it feels good does not mean it is right. Of course you know that it feels good does not also mean it is wrong, it is just that you have to be careful of the first impressions.