Sunday, 20 May 2012

Learn How to Handle Rejection and Disapointments

You need to be prepared ahead of time, for as sure as you live, you will surely be rejected and disappointed.

If I may ask, have you ever been rejected? How did you handle it then? What are the actions you took after the experience?

These questions and many more will be guiding our thoughts as I discuss with you how to handle rejection.

If you will learn how and handle rejections and disappointments properly, you must know and believe that:

  1. Rejection is normal, dejection is not.
  2. It is good to cry sometimes. Express your pain. It is an important part of the healing process.
  3. Healing comes easily to those that are forgiving. Release people who rejected or disappointed you.
  4. Opportunity comes with every rejection and disappointments. Seek out the opportunity. The opportunity might just be in moving on.
  5. Thankfulness and gratefulness is the best vaccine and immunity against disappointments or rejections. Be thankful for who you are, your circumstances, and at least no one else has that kind of combination: you + your thoughts + your circumstances. If you learn the attitude of gratitude, it will be easier to see opportunity in adversity.
  6. Self-love will give you the required self-worth that will easily translate to faster recovery from rejection. This is because you know that YOU is OK. but what can be wrong, which usually becomes wrong, went wrong.
  7. You can attract rejection and disappointment. You may not like to hear it, but it is true. You could have been the cause. As it is natural and easier to blame anything or anyone but ourselves, let's be bold enough to put the blame on ME.
  8. No matter how bad one is, we don't get rejected every time, but we can improve our acceptability.
  9. If you are liberal enough, see your rejection as a score-card and not your reality. No one is ever a total reject. In fact, you are not a reject. You may be presently lonely and sulking , but you are never a reject.
  10. Everyone needs a home. Give yourself a break, stop moving from rejection to more rejection, it makes you feel unwanted and inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, which is obviously a lie. You might believe it if you don't have a place where you are always welcomed and celebrated. A home, a family, is where you are always accepted despite who you choose to become, even when you don't take correction there.
  11. Persistence is stronger than rejection. Try again.
  12. Pride and ego are the things that make you feel rejected in the first place. Swallow  your pride, bury your ego. If you want it so badly, get yourself dirtied. Try again and again.
  13. What you valued highly might not worth the price. This is simply saying that rejection and disappointment has their importance: They give us perspective.