Thursday, 31 May 2012

How to Perfect Learning of a New Language

English language is my second language.
Yoruba, a language spoken by people of the Western region of Nigeria is my first language. You can call it my mother tongue.
The simple idea that transformed my mastery of English language and my understanding it might be common knowledge or peculiar, I did not bother to check.
What I know is that this simple idea, if practiced works.
I have plans to learn a third language and I am sure, I will put this same idea I will tell you in a short while to use in perfecting the learning of that language.
A probably unnecessary warning is that this is for people trying to master another language separate from their native language.
I don't know how people who are multilingual are able to learn how to speak so many languages, but I am certain that this idea must have been put to use at certain times and most likely, severally.
After several advice on how to improve my comprehension of and speaking of English language, I considered this idea and it worked.
Some of the things I was asked to do to improve my English language skill is to read a lot of books, and communicate and speak English language always. I tried doing these things and there was a little improvement. Increased reading speed, developed habit of reading with a few embarrassing moments when grammatical blunders were made.
When writers talk about finding one's voice, asking them how to find one's voice, you are most likely going to be told writing a lot will help you find your voice. How easy is that for a non-native speakers and writers?
The idea that I am using in perfecting my use of English language is the same one I am using to 'find my voice' as a writer.
Is this idea only limited to writers alone? No. It only has the capacity of giving you all-round and thorough understanding of the the language, both in writing and speaking.
By putting This idea to use in, you will be learning a lot about the new language in a little time.
Let me introduce the idea to you in the exact manner I reached it:
  • What is the language you use in your thought?
  • Every time I have asked students struggling with a second or a new language (that is, after learning the rudiments and the essentials) the response is always in favor of their native language and never always in the language they are perfecting and mastering.
  • No matter how outspoken or talkative you may be, it is a proven fact that we 'speak' more in our minds that with our mouths. Therefore:
  • Think in the language that you want to perfect.
That is all about the idea. It works. It is working for me, I hope it does work for you too.
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