Monday, 29 October 2012

Wisdom Packaging for Solutions

Wisdom comes in all and every kind of packaging. It comes in beautiful faces, in aged and bald heads. It comes in the hollowed eyes and scrawny features of the advanced in years.

Wisdom comes in events; the beautiful events and the palatable; those events you wished are buffets. Yes wisdom comes in pains and struggles. Wisdom comes in misty eyes and cheeks bearing ever rolling tears.

It is also amazing how foolishness and insanity can also prove the points of wisdom.

What is my point exactly? My point exactly is that you open your mind to wisdom.

You see, the open-minded find wisdom even at their door-steps; and it is in vain the cynic seek wisdom, since much of wisdom comes in ways least expected and often not easily explainable.

Wisdom, like truth is not limited to facts and figures. That there is no supporting evidence like facts and figures doesn’t make truth false neither does absence of tangibility renders wisdom as foolishness.

Never limit insight to the professionals alone. Yes most will get you answers, but their answers will be limited to the books they have read and their private and communal experiences. The breakthrough your company or your job needs might not come from the expected quarters, but never call the quarters wisdom come through ‘inappropriate’.

It might look and sound inappropriate for the solution the CEO needs comes through an ‘ordinary’ office assistant. It might look unlike it, but you might be the next greatest thing your employers are looking for.
If it is wisdom and if it is you, it can never be less than the ‘appropriate quarter’.
Just like you will be willing to accept wisdom no matter its packaging, do not be selfish to not present yourself as the wisdom package for somebody or your employer or just any organization you might find yourself.
It is not bad you brand yourself such that you become more ‘like it’ to the category of people you want to meet. That in itself is wisdom.
Summarily, do not disregard anybody, they might be the bundle of solution you least expect. Lastly do not underestimate yourself; you might actually be the package we have been talking about.