Friday, 1 April 2011

Intelligent Yet Called Dumb!

That 'we' or better stated, the system of education we have has put so many lives in the dungeon of mediocrity, that they never find their destiny, this makes me cry. I cry because millions will meet their Creator ignorant of the talents in them , yet God will request at least interest on His investment.

I do weep because we are not made to be poor, with our intelligences, as diverse as they are; our social-educational values had banished lives and the world to an abject way of life.

I cry for the richness in people yet to be discovered. I'm actually in tears because of the abundance of wealth and richness of life this world will never know, just because of the way we measure intelligence and how fast we are in stamping people dumb.

I cry for you! You are intelligent yet you are called dumb. Meanwhile you should know that SAT scores  is not fit to call you dumb.

Instead of weeping for yourself, weep for the system that bares its teeth to make you think like a failure you are not. In the meantime, do all you can to prove to the system you are the intelligent you dubbed dumb.