Monday, 2 May 2011

Simple Truths That Can Upgrade Your Grades

You have to belief these , if you must change status quo, and gain academic excellence or anything worthwhile:
The power of choice:
  • Your desires and decisions are your choice.
  • Desires, although, your right , gets you nowhere.
  • Decisions are the ignition key of getting desired ends
  • Decisions = desire + action.
  • Whatever you desire is your choice. Without decision you may desire an A but have F.
  • Desiring alone gives you hope in what is possible.
  • Desiring and deciding is also what faith is , the processing machine that makes impossibilities possibilities.  
  • Desiring is quite a passive activity, and requires less choice.
  • Who you are will determine what you desire.
It takes the following to decide:

Consideration. The pros and cons are weighed , you consider the likely outcome of your choice carefully thinking about your desire; is it worthy of the pursuit, the time and unbudgeted risks?
Persuasion : being self persuaded about your desire, being prepared not to give up realizing your desire for anything less.

The prove of your consideration and persuasion is your decided action, that is , your decision. As an example: the prodigal son in one of Jesus' parables, went back to his father because he considered his impoverished state , the father's wealth and his desire for a better life, her was persuaded being a servant to his father is enough ticket to enjoy better life. The outcome of his decision: he got more than he thought , he got his desire, which is to be restored as a son to his father.

In summary, desire and decide. To your desire add action. Do you desire a better grade, or whatever? Decide it.