Friday, 29 June 2012

I Win!

Here is another attempt at poetry. When you are slighted and your good intentions and actions seem to get you more enemy than friends, I challenge you to have this winning attitude and you will turn out to be more than victorious. Then it will be as now; You Win.
I may not have the say now
But as long as I have breath and the will;
It is a matter of when and how, my life will prove its point. I WIN.

You may hate me for who I am
Or hate me for what I do
You be the hater, I will remain the achiever. I WIN.

My person may irritate you
And my good deeds infuriate you
Keep on messing with lives
I will keep blessing them and end strives. I WIN.

Hurting may please you
But I am not happy when you do.
Your hurtitude don’t change me a bit,
It showed me more of you than I have to bid. I WIN.

Good that you have your reasons
Better still, you are a product of abuse,
How great it would have been, if you turned out better and not rotten.
You could have won. I WIN.