Monday, 3 December 2012

Don’t Die Yet. If You Don’t, You’ll grow

I met a neighbor’s child recently, and I am delighted to see how better he has grown - a boy who used to be careless about adults’ desire for a good-natured and cultured child.

I have forgotten how wild I used to be too. Seeing this young boy greet me properly without any solicitation or coercion, I am happy.

The thought that spontaneously come to my mind is “you’ll grow if you don’t die.”
I instantly criticized that thought.
Is it true? Is it an absolute truth?

In the sense we reckon growth; it is true but not an absolute truth. In another way, it is certain you will grow if you do not die.

I know you may be tired of your circumstance; non-satisfaction is almost always a good response, but you must never be tired of your existence.

If you don’t die, you see, you have the capacity to change that depressing circumstance. How?
More than in any other way, you will outgrow that circumstance.

Growth is not always easy and sometimes the more difficult decision to make is to live rather than to die.
If you will survive, I tell you, my brother you will grow.

If you notice, sister, I did not say you can, I said you will.
It is always certain you can grow, what we are not sure of is if you will.

What I now tell you is if you struggle to survive and do not die, you will grow.

It is evident that people and things grow in either of two directions: up or down; and growth in either direction can be a good thing.

If your growing down does not lead six feet below the ground, it might be an ‘interesting’ experience, but with all seriousness, if you stay with us a little while longer, you will soon grow to amaze yourself.
Don’t die. If you don’t, you will grow.