Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Importance Of Group Discussions, Debates and Seminar presentations In the learning Process

  • The rule here is: the more articulate you are discussing it (or debating it), the faster  and better you are writing it.
  • IN the earlier days  of learning, the Greeks and the Romans made and are out of public speaking through debates and public lectures. At these times schools are largely "schools of thoughts"- a highly opinionated system of schooling, and largely political . During this period , articulation therefore, is essential for the prosperity of the new idea being propagated.
  • Spontaneous philosophies and truths often come out of passionate speech. That is , a thought formerly not considered is given expression while talking, and such thought, not entirely new to the speaker ( not new  to the unconscious mind), are the results of meditations done in the past. These rays from the soul often do not have any other means to escape from the mind other than through the mouth during a soulful debate or speech.
  • The rule can now be modified thus: The more passionate you are articulation it, the faster and better you learn it.
  • Talking is also important to memory. The more you talk about it the more you commit to memory. More importantly, the more you talk about it, discuss it, and teach it the more understanding you have about the subject matter.