Friday, 15 April 2011

"Success Tendency " Demystified

You don't have to be a genius to be successful, but a genius who is going to be as successful as his genius permits must do the same set of things as the one dubbed dumb.

With  strong will and determination it is believed that anyone can achieve almost anything. This is fundamentally true, but not everyone will agree that just as few as these can bring success. Since not all of us can lay claim  to strong will , neither can all,on the required  level of determination, it thus  appear as if these are not enough ingredient for success, but they do make up what is seen as the "success tendency".
The lesson I want you to learn is that as weak willed or undetermined as you may see yourself, you can still take on mountain-like goals and achieve success like any other person.
To see how successful you can be, or if you too have the tendency to succeed, simply do these:
  1. Set goals, and be determined enough to achieve them.
  2. Desire your goal. Dream of it, visualize it, belief in your goal, and convince yourself it is achievable.
  3. Be Objective. Focus on the final goal. Make your objectives as big as your faith. But remember to...
  4. Write down your goals and your objectives. This help you to visualize your goal and help in intensifying your desires too.
  5. Define your reasons. Why do you desire your goal, why should you have your goals, why not something else? These help you clarify your goal and entrench your desire.
  6. A step at a time. I assume you are not as strong-willed as your genius friend, or the guy with the "success tendency", but this step is the success tendency. Break down your goal into sub-goals, and your sub-goals into to-dos with deadlines that sums up into your desired goals.
Choose to rejoice at every activities done towards the achievement of your goal. I think one of the major ingredient of the success tendency is a merry heart.
A merry heart does well like a medicine, make your heart your own personal motivator. A step at a time and constantly looking at how much (not how little) you have achieved, or how far you have come, this kind of attitude is more likely to be your success tendency than any other thing, besides a kin attitude of dissatisfaction for failure and excuses.