Friday, 15 April 2011

The "Success Tendency"

Have you ever wondered why certain persons almost always achieve whatever they set out to achieve? One may assume blindly that it is because they are from rich/affluent families, even when this is not true. We may then conclude that they have a natural tendency for success which we do not have.

There is actually no such thing as " success tendency", but on a deeper thought we can say such thing exist. But it is not limited to some people, nor is it an exclusive privilege of certain group of people. Black, white , yellow, or red.
 This tendency to succeed is in all of us, developed or developing country factors aside, the tendency to succeed has no boundary ; this tendency runs across cultures, tribes and languages.

A shocking realization that should jolt us out of our slumber of excuses for failure is this: many times, people of average abilities, and these, often with limited resources, reach heights and achieve feats that we believe are exclusive to the great ones.

Because of our worship of success, these newly found successful ones are soon idolized, and whatever sincere (often simple) methods they use in achieving their success are soon made sacred cows, famous as the "success tendency".