Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Musings on Learning and Thoughts

What are the things that facilitate learning, things that encourage the learning process?
It is easier to learn when one assumes he is ignorant. This is similar to the fact that a thirsty or a hungry man usually enjoys the drink or the food better than a satisfied man.

"True knowledge is conscious of its ignorance."
What is being said here is the issue of attitude. Attitude by itself s nothing but a complex that can be wrong or right. This therefore implies that whatever feed the right attitude for learning is likely to be the vitamin(s) for learning.

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be full"-Jesus of Nazareth.
Your attitude to learning will determine whether you are thirsty for knowledge or not.

Quarere verum- seek for the truth.

Attitude is a product of many things , principal of which is thought .

Your thoughts soon become a pattern which is but a blueprint.

Whatever feeds your thought is the architect of the castle of attitude that will be built.

Attitude is so subtle you may not be able to see your own attitude, but you can control your thought. You can starve a negative thought pattern -not by not thinking about that thought, but by thinking on counter thoughts , that is, positive thoughts. Better still , you talk about things other than the negative thought, for it is hard to fight a thought with another thought. In a similar way, you can feed a positive thought by thinking further on it, and also on related thoughts.

Your thoughts are basically yours, but their triggers are essentially without.
Under favorable conditions , thoughts like seeds germinate. Since different seeds requires different conditions to grow, such is the case with thoughts. For some thoughts, loneliness is the most needed ingredient,some other thoughts require motivation, kind words and encouragement, while some others grow in adverse/extreme conditions as in bottled-up emotions, bitterness, envy, jealousy. An amazing fact is that learning occurs in all of these conditions.

What kind of lesson do you think you will learn under emotional strain and deficit? You may be quick to say the wrong lessons, an unproductive lesson, pity, and more ill-feelings. If you will choose from this day onward, to be a close observer of your responses to external triggers of your thoughts, you can begin to learn rich lessons that will transform your life and of those around you.

To restate an earlier mentioned fact: both positive and negative thoughts can grow in any of the conditions stated above, but certain conditions favor certain thoughts- positive or negative.
Choose to monitor your thoughts, and then you can determine your attitude to learning.
It should be noted that bottled-up emotions are inimical to proper learning process and general emotional health.