Monday, 11 April 2011

A Lazy man is Hard to Find

At a time , I thought i was lazy.
 You know what gave me that idea? It was because in certain subjects I was getting marks below expected.
If you continue to do what is forced upon you and not what you must do and what you want to do , you may not be commensurately rewarded for your efforts.
At a stage, there are certain things you must do , and as such may be forced on you, they help build the habit of diligence and work.
At another stage, when you have a fair knowledge of what you are interested doing, to be forced to do otherwise will lead to indifference. This kind of indifference is what is often mistaken for laziness.
Get me a person's passion, and i will tell you how passionately he's going to labor. A real lazy person is hard to find.
Get me a passionate worker, and i will tell you someone who is sweating happily, working hard and smiling , who at other things will be dubbed lazy, when he does that work with indifference. It is hard to find a man lazy at his passion.
Have you come to believe the lie that you are lazy? Far from it, you are not lazy. Definitely you have been misunderstood.
Why then am I lazy?
Once again you are not lazy. One or two things are more likely to be responsible for your been misnamed:

  1. You do not know your passion
  2. Your passion holds no relevance in the eyes of the people around you.
If any or the two are responsible, as I expect them to be, there is an almost a magical solution for you:
Let your theme be 'whatever my hands find to do'.
What this means is that you must increase your curiosity for many things and try your hands on anything, whatsoever is acceptable in your environment.

The purpose of doing this is not to compete, since it is our competitive values that brought about grades and castes, as such you are not doing any of those things to be the best. Since your goal is not presently to be the best, you can never be a failure also.

You now know what the purpose is not, this is the purpose of the above: To help you find purpose and your passion.

If you find purpose in your passion, you can never be lazy. You want to hear that again? It is Impossible for you to be lazy once you know your passion. Your passion is simply what you enjoy doing, or your consistent action against what you don't like.

You still want to know a lazy man? He does not exist. You might find an idle man, but not a lazy man.