Monday, 4 April 2011

Life is For Living

A person with a mind for learning will soon discover how competition is unhealthy for real learning.

Who said that students should always scramble for positions? Anyway, such scrambling is undeniably good for grades , but scarcely for anything else; and life is beyond grades.

Oh! Should you pull out of your first positions just because I said you should get a real learning? If you are keen about real living , maybe you should , or maybe you should not! Real living and real learning is not about being the first or competing, but what you learn out of such positions.

People that live really rich life always have their lives fitted to the saying: "man's life is not contained in the abundance of his possessions", also positions. They simply live.

To start living, you need to simply live; and to live a rich life, you need to learn to simply live!
The rich life is a  life uncluttered with competitions , and if such competition exist, they participate with grace, often it is participation to learn. To learn human ways and largely  to learn about themselves - their minds and its vanities.

Competing without learning is always without happiness that comes from wisdom, but it is rather riddled with hurt and strife.

To live a rich life, a life without the common stress from such vanities as wanting to be first, you need to learn to know, and of knowing , knowing yourself.

To live the real life, this is one of the most important lessons for you : you are first and last of yourself, and if there is any need to compete , it is to compete with yourself.

Life is for living, the earlier you learnt this, the faster you will learn that life, yours, that is for living.