Monday, 2 May 2011

Your Tomorrow Starts Today

Brr! Brr! A vibration alert of a new message on my cell phone. The message is from my cousin. It reads: "yesterday is a cancelled cheque
Tomorrow is a promissory note,
Today is the only cash you have,
So spend it wisely…"

How profound the message is. Its profundity is not in the rhyme, in fact, it lacks such poetic luster. The profundity is in its harmonious rhythm with reality.

Yesterday is not just the previous day, neither is it only what happened, it also includes all choices and decisions you have made in life.
They are to be regarded as what they are: gone. Bygones.

How free we will be when we begin to say be gone to our bygones and the good old days.

Both the good old days and our mistakes are poisonous to our today. While many had learnt not to worry about past choices, even when they turned out to be apparently bad). Many are still captives of hop; in anxious expectation of better days to come.

If I am to ask , how many people have a better future, many will speak in the affirmative, but few had come to the realization that there is no such thing as a better future or bad one. Never take this out of context. The end that God has for us is good and glorious, but except for motivation , the believe in a better future can be disastrous to that future. In reality, today is the only cash you have got, mind how you spend it . Ensure today is not spent purring over past errors or bad choices.

On a deeper level of thought , there are no good or bad choices, there are only good or bad outcomes.
Ensure also today is not spent daydreaming over days that man not come, throwing yourself into bondage of tomorrow as a prisoner of hope. Do not misunderstand me, for one of my philosophies is that you are almost as high as your aspirations, and someone said "it is not a bad thing to be a dreamer, provided you are awake when you dream", and I believe that too.

The right understanding of faith is living today what others called future, or better stated, living today with what God said you have, and as who He said you are.

God is not time bound, He is eternal. He IS, for He said I AM. You are created in his image, therefore, BE. Stop trying to be, stop willing and wishing to be. You are who God says you are. He calls you as you are not as you will be. You are already as the future before God. To God , you cannot be any better. You are just alright.

Start being today who you had wanted to be in the future. It might not yet look like the future you imagined. Being is better than imagining.

Start doing today what you had wanted to do in the better days to come. The doing might be smaller than "the big" way you wanted to come on the future, but be sure you ARE big, then you will grow bigger as tomorrow unfolds and that future is daily lost in your being alive to today .

You might not be able to live the future today as you think you would tomorrow, it is because the sky of today is brighter than that of tomorrow, not leaving out the dark clouds of today's sky. In fact the night of today is easier walked than the brightest of those "better days to come".

Stop being bitter about today, by thinking of the good old days or daydreaming of a better tomorrow. As for me, I will keep enjoying my today. Since it is all I have got, nothing can ever spoil my today.
In as much as God is , I AM, and my tomorrow , my glorious future and my "better days ahead" starts now.