Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Learn How to Earn

There are more things to earn than money.
In this discuss, I am going to be discussing how to earn other things that will translate to earning money or if you prefer, earning an income.
If you learn how to earn correctly, you will earn more than just money; in fact more money goes to people who think value and people than those who think money.

First Earn Trust

Honesty is, as a matter of fact, the first chapter in the book of wisdom. 
Let your yes be yes and your no, no. If you are not sure that strongly describes you, redeem your image fast.
Learn consistency at being trustworthy.
Never let anyone leave you with a wrong impression about you, especially when the impression is that of a dishonest liar. If the impression is unfounded or is based on the wrong judgement of that person, convince that fellow, persuade them and be certain the fellow look convinced that you are who you said you are.

If you have been careless in the past about the issue of being honest and trustworthy, you will have to do more than double to redeem your image. This is achievable.
Believe you are a changed person and keep telling yourself and prove to yourself and your clients by your words and actions that you are now honest. You must learn to shrug at their initial unbelief.

Then Learn Discipline

Talent is overrated! You can be a talent at anything you so much desire but it means you have to practice and practice.  You need to keep getting better at what you do, especially when you do not feel like doing it.
Poverty and lack usually give way in the presence of perseverance and industry.
After learning discipline, you must take note of  the process of  earning BIG.

and The Process of Earning Big

If you have ever asked yourself  "how do I earn big?", you have to keep in mind the process of earning big:
  • Thoughts and Beliefs: You want to earn big? You have to start thinking big. We are almost as big as our aspirations. Dream big dreams and make the decision to live your dream. No one becomes successful or earn big by accident. If it is never by accident, earning big has to start from your thoughts and the beliefs you harbor in your mind.
  • Value Creation: You want to earn big? You have to be prepared for a big service. A big service is not  necessarily arduous or a big task. It is meeting needs, solving problems and proper pricing of the solutions. When you create value, you are creating wealth. Wealth creation is not rocket science so keep it as simple as create value and create wealth.
  • Passionate Pursuit of Purpose Makes Perseverance a Piecemeal. You still want to earn big? Complete the process of earning by
  1. Be Purposeful. Have a purpose. If I have not forgotten, you have a purpose to earn big.
  2. Pursue Your Purpose Passionately. Passionately not ILLEGITIMATELY.
  3. Persevere in your Pursuit of Purpose. It seems that you will have to work double at earning from anything honest, so never forget that honesty is the best policy.
If the points above are the building blocks, honesty and integrity is the mortar.
Note that the foundation is laid in your mind and facilitated by your mouth, that is, putting your money and efforts where your mouth is. So get off your seat and start earning.