Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Recession Says Grow!

You must have heard or read Napoleon Hill's classic Think and Grow Rich. My referring to the book is to emphasize the structure of the title starting with "Think"

For the first time in a long time, most of us has gotten more time on our hands than we know what to do with, of course with a less heavy purse, maybe.

Is there a connection with an empty purse and a smart mind?

I believe there is. If wealth and riches are nice teachers, adversity is a better tutor.

Antecedence have severally shown that many who are relevant in various field had their private recessions out of which their success stories emerged.

If almost every big name in the world actually once had their economic recession, how did they bounce back? How did they handle their economic recessions?

While it is never my intention to discuss the economics of recession or the present global economic depression(I leave that for the experts) but I will sure tell you the commonsense of those who are and will be successful in this recession.

  1. Those who bounce back from recession realize and acknowledge the recession
  2. They do not struggle against the effects of the economic meltdown, they allow it to shake their realities
  3. they think on what is left
  4. they grow what is left, which often means themselves.
  5. they re-position and re-orientate themselves in preparation for the new set of challenges
  6. Essentially, they hibernate and get retreated. They think.
All these and many similar and personal flavors amount to "molting" - shedding the old ways of spending and doing business, growing; taking up the new.

Grow: like a newborn, the reviewed tactics are to be grown.
The commonsense outlook is; the deeper the recession, the bigger we must grow. We must grow, firstly and mainly in our thoughts.

The only need you must meet, which you can meet, in this economic depression is to have an idea to which you will add a value.

Think and grow deep reaching roots, deeper than the economic depression, and you will grow upward to your riches.

Do not forget: This recession is not to kill you, it is to make you stronger. Remember also that the oak that refuses to bend to the wind get injured. Take a cue from the willows, they bow and go with the wind and come fresher and greener after the storm is over.

This global economic recession is a teacher in the school of hard-knocks and its objective is to make you grow. Grow. The recession says grow!