Monday, 14 May 2012

Learn to be The Blogging Entrepreneur

Someone wrote "there are three ingredients in the good life: earning, learning and yearning"
I do not know if you are an entrepreneur, but the classical characteristics of an entrepreneur include

  1. Ability to take risks
  2. Innovation
If you are an entrepreneur, you actually wants to earn (except for some social entrepreneurs) therefore, it will be a good thing to learn how to earn more and take a no-risk risk. 
In this age, it will be doing oneself a gruesome disservice if one's business is invisible.
One of the easiest ways to make your business visible is by blogging.

For the Umpteenth Time, What is Blogging?

Keep all the technicalities for the latter. 
Blogging is the making or publishing of blogs.
Blogs? Yeah. A blog is a website, usually with the simplicity of a journal, and often with the outlook of journals.
To keep the definition, simple, a blog is an online journal.

As an entrepreneur therefore, you can get yourself and whatever you do on the internet, without having to do anything with creating a website, while essentially you are building one.

Some Importance and Advantages of a Blog

  • You get visibility for your business at a cheaper price compared with building a website. ( You can get a free blog like this from Google, Yahoo! and
  • Unlike the classical websites, a blog is easily implemented, easily modified and updated.
  • Blogging is a good business if you learn how. i.e. you can earn from your efforts at blogging.
  • You have tools that get your business on the social networks. e.g. Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. without having to post on them one at a time

Some Tips for The Blogging Entrepreneur:

  • Do not Fret. Do not be afraid of telling people what you think they already know. That is, what you feel they already know about you, your business or about everything you want them to know.
  • Know that blogging can be paid or free. There are two faces of this: 1). You can have your blog hosted, i.e. placed on the internet by paying for it or for free. 2). You can get paid blogging or you can do it for free.
  • Blogging can be a venture. You can become a professional blogger and you can get paid being one.
  • Be true to who you are. If you enjoy doing anything at all, you can talk about it and you can get paid for doing that thing you love.
  • Learn enough about blogging to keep you doing it efficiently and enjoyably.
  • Be free to change your mind, but not every time. If you are just starting out, try several things until you find your 'voice' as they say. But once you found your voice, keep using your voice, don't change it.
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