Thursday, 21 June 2012


The poem below chronicles the dilemma of a soul striving for significance, and trying to find his place in life.
"What on earth am I here for?" Have you ever asked yourself that question? In answering that innocent question is the key to finding your place in life.

One day I tried to find myself
I looked through the eyes of creativity
I stooped to the tunnel of talents
I peeped through the keyhole of abilities
In fact, I browsed through the web of outstanding characteristics.
“Who am I?” I shouted down the holes
“Who am I?” is the answer slapped on my face.
What I have I can count;
They are on finger tips.
What I have not, I can see all around
But who I am maybe someone should tell me.
I am lost in myself.
I have gone across the lands and seas of myself,
I have traveled far and wide
In fact, I am becoming wild.
Who am I? I have never found what I’d lost
What I have found is all I have found
But who I am, I am yet to find
How I wished someone like those from my junior class will say
“Lost but found”
And that ‘found’ will be me.
As of now, the notice is still “missing”.

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