Monday, 25 June 2012

How to Choose a Designer Wear: A Sarcastic Approach

How do you make a choice of a designer?
Truth be told, you are more likely to know better than myself.
Have you ever thought you made a good purchase of an original commodity and you do not have the expected return on your investments?
This is the dilemma some of us face daily. If you choose to go by the popular names, be careful, you are more likely to buy a bad product than what you intended.
The easiest way to go about it is to go for the newer names, especially when it comes to dresses.
The Advantages:
  • You get to pay less
  • You have better value for what you pay
  • You are never going to be disappointed on the purchase. Why? Because, even if you have less value for the money paid, you are more likely not to be surprised. Most often than not, you are never surprised unpleasantly.
Now, how about enjoying yourself while you read the account of someone looking for the perfect birthday gift only to fall into the trap of a 'good name'.
My Plight with My Jeweler, Perfumer and You
Wetting the beautiful lilies,
Pruning the red roses,
Picking up the lavender,
Wondering about the world’s wonders,
Rolling through Paris in France
In search of the best perfumer.

Breaking up the hard rock
Even turning back the fast clock
Until the season of killing the duck
Moving the trace dust;
All around in ounces to the dock
To strolling into Italy and Spain;
Looking for the perfect jeweler
to beat the dust into solid.

The perfumer I found to be rigid
And the jeweler sordid
They said “you’re too selfish to want to own all”
Imagine, all that I have found
I retorted “you’re too dishonest to hold onto the little pounds”;

Then it became another storyline:
Christian Dior the perfumer
And Paciotti the jeweler,
They have done me great harm
May the Lord repay them fully
Much more so,
You, who incited them against me.
I know you have checked your purse, but to what length are you willing to go in getting a good wear?
If you go to any length, you might buy nothing for everything.
If you go desperate, you might get the worst gift for your best celebrant.
If you are too keen on the 'names' you might be defamed.
What is the usefulness of labouring for money such as to look good and after all struggles end up looking far less than ok. How sad.
The tip is, if you want a perfect Dior, go order directly from France (If that is where he is still headquartered)
If it is just to wear a nice dress, let me just go fubu. Since I am not so pretty myself, no need for the pretty Gucci.
By the way, when you see the name of a popular brand on a line of product it is not known for, you are about to buy a surprise. A paciotti ring is about to be a surprise ring and especially, if it is from Italy.
I think it is wiser to look good with the good effects than look like a carved pumpkin on Halloween and half your fortune gone in the process. 
Smells do attract. You may attract flies too. Do not make a purchase to impress to the detriment of your health and your purse. You may lament if you made a wrong impression or impress the wrong person.
My thoughts to you on this may go on endlessly, let's call it quit to work on the quilts.