Saturday, 16 June 2012

Toast to the Future

Newness of brightness
Shining unto better day
Yes, ‘cause the best is yet away.
Small time now
We’ll all bow
Since “whatever goes around comes around”
“Wonderful and shining bright”
A little step at a time,
A little struggle to fight;
You’ll live in the land of your sight
Then the future is brightest when you are there.

If you have an idea about the future or a comment about the poem above, you are free to leave a  comment
You must never forget that your future is actually now. Your tomorrow starts today, and when you are in the so called tomorrow or future, you call it today. 
Do not spoil your prospect by your actions today.
You are not insignificant neither is your 'future'. Do not render insignificant your significant days ahead by trivialities.
You are a celebrity if only you will rise to the duty. The focus of your duty is you in the NOW. If you keep at it, we will all bow to your star, if not here and now then somewhere sometimes in the FUTURE. I hope to see you then.