Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Forgotten Dreams

Do you have a dream? Remember the unforgettable speech of Martin Luther King Jr. whenever you feel like dreams do not come to pass.
Dreams do come to pass but you must learn to dream while you are awake. It may look like daydreaming, but it is being proactive with your desires.
Desires can become reality if a decision is made about them.

Decision is actually Desire + Action. If you act on your dreams they will become real. Nothing is really impossible.

If you had a night dream, how do you feel waking up knowing it was an interesting dream but that you have forgotten the content of your dream?
I don't enjoy having to be put in suspense by any dream, probably that is the reason I wrote this short poem:

When we’re asleep,
They have their way;
When we’re awake,
They stay away;
Dreams and dreamlands,
Far away they are from real
Yet where they came from,
They are in best form.
I love my dreams when sweet,
I hate them when bad;
I hate them more when they are forgotten,
Before I can choose to love or hate them;
But when I’m saved the trouble, 
I forget them; Loved, hated, sweet, bad or forgotten.

But friends, if you ever have a dream you want to make real, Never forget the dream. Simple way to do this: Write The Vision Upon The Tablets and Set It always before You.