Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Trouble Times

These are the 'last days' or you may call them the end times. Truly, the days are full of troubles, but they are also full of purpose and grace. Thinking about them made me write this simple poem, simple enough to be a nursery rhyme (except for the less than ample rhymes :) )

Trouble times trouble times
Trouble seasons never last
Now comes the double trouble
But then is the triple triumph
Trouble times trouble times
Once and twice more they come
Sure enough they go away
That is why we can count
Once and twice and times ago came trouble times
But now is happy moment till the trouble times comes around again
Maybe they will never come again
Then it will be happy moments all the day.

If you had a good time reading the short poem, or if otherwise (I hope not. *Scared*) leave your comments and share.